rhubarb gone wild

Took the daughter down the allotment in the buggy. Most of the time I carry her in a Mei Tei sling, although the folks from Redhall suggested I bring her down in a buggy so I can leave her safe while getting on with work. Not a bad idea, but the devil’s in the details…

In the last week Spring has sprung and the plants have grown like topsy so with her low to the ground and being pushed through the narrow allotment paths, the site has taken on a more sinister aspect. Nettles and sticky william grab at her legs, toxic rhubarb leaves poke through neighbours fences to within her reach: the allotment’s a death trap!

Seriously, though, I am trying to find a way of working in the allotment when I’m looking after her. One can carry a baby on your back with a Mei Tai, but I’d still be concerned that she’d reach down and pick something untoward and I’d not see it. I’m coming round to the idea of fencing an area and laying some turf, then I can plonk her down and not worry too much. When she’s older, I can then turn that part of the plot over to her.

plant update

  • 5 of the 6 garlic plants look OK and are standing proud
  • some of the lettuce seedlings are showing (and I can tell these are lettuce rather than random weeds because they’re red leaves).The label says I planted them on 8 April, so it’s time to get the next batch in.
  • stale beds are coming through with weeds. Will hoe them off and get the beans and spinach in.
  • rhubarb has gone mad! I thought there were 3 crowns, but they’ve obviously been there for a while: there’s masses of stalks. Picked stalks that opening up the crowns, and brought loads back to the flat.
  • raspberry canes have loads of leaves on them. Such a difference to March!
  • the big bed that I was “leaving fallow” has sprung up with loads of weeds: rosebay willowherb, groundsel, self-seeded rocket that’s already bolted, sticky william, dead nettle. Gotta weed and then cover with leafmould that the allotment officer kindly makes available.
  • chives have grown pods that will turn into flower heads — far more than the clump I transported back to the flat.
  • oregano is looking good — better than that in my garden, although I did have to transplant it just before Easter when I put a garden fork through the gas pipe.

Will be spending most of Friday down the allotment — got the day off work because I want to stay up late and watch the election results, and can wander down to Saughton Mains when I get up. Gotta dig another bed, so gotta get some beer in the blue shed.


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