Final warning

Seems I’m not doing enough for the Allotments Officer, so I’ve got a final warning to give him a reason why my plot’s not up to scratch or else I’m out. I can’t help feeling that it’s a policy decision to get the 2.5 year waiting list down, and newbies get pressured to make sure they really want to keep the plot. I’ve got 14 days to turn it round, so I’ve emailed and invited him to visit the plot on the 23rd. Got my work cut out before then …


  • No need to water the plants … it was raining!
  • Prep for 10 climbing french beans — cut up plastic bottles and made mini-cloches, then built a teepee using 8′ bamboo poles. Will plant seeds in a couple of days.
  • Single dug a trench. This is for a second batch of French Beans. I need to build some supports and then I can spend the 23rd planting seeds.
  • emptied more stones into the decorative border


  • RHS allotment book reckons that a good goal for the first year is to have 1/3 of the plot cultivated. Am on course for that.
  • Take photos of the next door plot — it’s well overgrown.
  • Get materials for supporting trench beans
  • measure area for raised beds
  • source material for raised beds

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