A helping hand is very welcome

I’m almost delirious with tiredness after spending the best part of today down the allotment. Add a vodka and Barr’s cola and I’m in serious danger of wobbling …

Took some wood down the plot this morning on my bike + BOB yak trailer. Really pleased to be able to put a few (short) planks in the trailer, bungee them up and transport them by bike. They’ve since been put to good use in two raised beds.

After dropping the trailer back at the flat, I was phoned by H. She’s previously asked if she can help, so it was nice to take her call. She’s offered to dig, although I first got her to weed around the herbs on the South edge of the plot, and we’ve now got a great herb border where the herbs aren’t choked by grasses and weeds: chives, oregano and mint for the humans, and comfrey for the pollinators. At some point I’ll take out the crappy chicken-wire fence and do something more appropriate in the future, and ensure that I don’t hinder the herbs.

While H was weeding, I built two frames for raised beds. They’re a bit shonky, but they stand up. I’ve put parsley in half of the smaller one. Will probably put some mangetout peas in the other one.

It’s been a really nice day. Got a lot done on the plot, and chatted with several neighbours, and met the new next-door-neighbours. There’s a lot of newbies about, and I’m considering getting a class of 2007 project together. I’ll take some pictures, ask some questions, and then design a pamphlet of some kind.

Back at the flat, I’ve just made some potato salad: boiled potatoes from East Coast Organics, mayonnaise, capers and chopped mint from the plot. The mint is quite pungent, almost spearmint, and it’s got lovely purple-tinted leaves. Went well with sardines on toast. I’m free to eat boy food now my partner and daughter are off on their holidays — I usually have to cook something more balanced.

Next up …

  • make another round bed for the second batch of climbing French beans. These should cast semi-shade on a third raised bed on the South side of the plot.
  • weeding has taken a back seat to construction, so I’d better get my act together
  • make some comfrey nectar

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