Mostly weeding and mulching

Been to the allotment twice today. Got there at noon and has a mooch around, planted a second row of spinach, attended to the French beans, and got a barrowful of leafmould, but it was too hot and I had forgotten to bring any water. So at 1pm I headed home, had some lunch and headed out to Redhall walled garden, met A+J at the Water of Leith visitor centre and then pottered around the allotment again, mainly to plant a tiny lavender that I bought from Redhall.

  • Berry bushes looking good, in fact looking quite like gooseberries since they’re bigger than I expect for blackcurrants and they’re green with veins. We shall see …
  • I have a sum total of 8 redcurrants on the two bushes L gave me. Maybe next year will be better.
  • The rasps are looking tired. Fruit are there, but the canes are quite brown and papery.
  • Rhubarb is looking a bit faded too. I have the jam making course next week, so I’ll try and use a lot of it up the weekend afterwards.
  • My beans are through! One is yellowed since it was straining against the small plastic bottle, and the rest look fine. Took the bottles off and am going into work tomorrow and picking up the bottles that A has left me.
  • Placed bottles on the magic mound and put leafmould in the centre. Need to buy some more canes, perhaps even 20 because the beans can be planted right until the end of June — could get a third one in.
  • Planted two more rows of spinach, and used cut/chopped grass as a mulch between the rows. Spinach seed leaves are bizarre: two thin grass-like leaves, bent back towards the ground. (They are dicot.)
  • loads of bees around in the comfrey (boraginacea) and chives … but I seem to have lost my bee identification card
  • Many foxgloves springing up … it really is a deathtrap!
  • Courgettes starting to get buds, but there’s some damage to leaves on one. I’m a bit concerned that the cardboard mulch isn’t great for them: it’s soaking up the rain and I wonder whether it’s getting through to the soil.

Second visit:

  • cleared some more weeds from round the herb border
  • planted lavender up by the comfrey and the old compost bins
  • more leafmould, some round the lavender and the remainder around the magic mound.
  • picked nettles and rhubarb
  • took photos … now to get them developed and up here …

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