Replacing the fence …

The fence by the rhubarb is a horrible affair: made from pallets and chipboard, it’s painted an uninspiring brown. It is right by a busy pathway and since I’ve been warned a couple of times, I feel the need to make a good effort on the side that’s most visible.

Currently got a 10′ x 3′ area under mulch. Chopped down all the fireweed, grass and brambles and then put leafmould on the top.


  • non-toxic
  • preferably not thorny
  • offers some screening but not too dense … I want to add a bit of mystery but not block the already-diminished light.
  • not too thirsty
  • not going to fire seed into my neighbours’ plots
  • nice to help out pollinators
  • shade-tolerant
  • perennial

Could be a decorative grass; could be something productive.


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