Last day of raspberries

Monday evening, after N got back from work, I headed down the allotment for 2 hours. Finished picking the raspberries and bagged another half pound — that means that I’ve picked about 1.5 pounds over the season. Sad to see that there were so many wasted: fallen off, half-eaten, mouldy or shriveled. I reckon I could have picked twice as much again. There’s always next year …

It’s like cooking pancakes: the first one should be chucked away. I now know what the life cycle of the biannual canes looks like and the need to pick as soon as I notice they’re ready. I’ve also pruned this years fruiting canes back to the ground and cut back older canes (certainly they weren’t cut back last year and possibly in earlier years). There are several really strong canes for next year so I’ll look after them better: remove the weaker shoots, identify where to put the stakes, weed and mulch.

I’ve decided to use the single stake method, where one puts a stake in the middle of several canes. Since the raspberries have run riot in the last few years, the canes aren’t in a nice straight line, and it would be difficult to make a straight-edged bed to put single or double fencing in. It’s probably easier to put in single stakes, as they need neither wires nor struts. Will put them in … err … real soon now.


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