Blackcurrants self-layering

A quick trip to the plot on Sunday rekindled my interest in the allotment.

All the leaves have fallen from the blackcurrants and I’m starting to tidy them up, and it’s so good to see! Because the plot’s been short on TLC in the last couple of years, the bushes have grown all over the place and some of the branches have rested on the ground and done their own layering. It’s amazing to see all the little roots growing out of the side of the branch, and now I have my eye in I notice all the adventitious buds on the branches. There’s so much potential for new growth, it’s fantastic…

With the leaves gone, it’s also much clearer where the new growth is.

Two cold frames have gone in the ground and I should be able to propagate 9 blackcurrant bushes next weekend.

There’s lots of ivy and creeping buttercup to root out from under the current currants %^|

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