Her first skinned knee

I’m going back to working 3 days a week from next week, and I’m intending to spend more time down the allotment. So I took the daughter down own the plot on Sunday, just to familiarise her with the place. It’s always instructive to actually see how she deals with it; no amount of theorising is as instructive as letting her get on with it in a controlled way.

The ground’s quite bumpy, even the main spine of the plot, and it’s raised higher than the beds. Every so often, she’d fall over and I’d see her head in a hollow and her legs sticking up. Not crying but obviously relieved when I picked her up, and she showed me her dirty hands and asked me to wipe both of them. When changing her nappy, I noticed three bruises down her left knee and a wee dod of blood. I feel so wretched; she’s fine.

Resolution: Gotta do some serious earth moving to level the paths and raise the beds.

Looks like I’ve got 6 beds for rotation this year. Four are ready. One has winter onions in, so it’s not going to be available until July. One still has to be dug over. Of these beds, three are big and 3 are small.


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