Climate change bill consultation

SG Climate change bill, consultation closes on 23 April with legislation expected by the end of 2008.


3.4: potential to increase Scotland’s forested area

3.5: far greater proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions comes from our agriculture and land use (that UK avg.)

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4.6: CO2 equivalent refers to warming over a 100 year period based on the absorbtion of the molecule and its residence time in the atmosphere.

4.8: “Climate change is already occurring and the consensus of scientific opinion is that it is being driven by the emissions resulting from human activities. ”

4.11: rise in temperature will lead to falling crop yields, significant decreases in water availability, altered ecosystems and rising intensity of extreme weather.

4.18: UK Climate Impacts Programme predicts: increases in annual average temperature; increases in 24 hour maximum temperatures; increase in length of growing season; wetter winters.

Sections 4.21 – 4.26 are concerned with adapting to the impacts of climate change…

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