manure and rent

Monday … took possession of 10 bags of manure from Gorgie City Farm. Lovely rotted-down stuff and plenty of worms in there. It’s enough to fill my empty compost bin and should go across a few of the beds.


I had wanted to spread it on Tuesday, but the weather was crap: heavy rain and wind. It’s probably worse today. I need to dig it in pretty soon and get on with other stuff.

And last night I got home to find an invoice for the year’s rent of the plot. Very happy to see this after all the hassles last year. This year, I promise to spend more time down the plot … no, really!

Manure: £30. 10 bags at £3/bag (min order for delivery; £2/bag if self-collected)
Rent for the plot: £48/year

Next up:

  • break down very old compost bins
  • prune off any broken and diseased bits off the blackcurrants
  • weed under and around blackcurrants
  • put manure under the blackcurrants
  • weed around rhubarb
  • add manure to the rhubarb
  • decide which beds are going to have which plants in, and manure where neccesary.

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