tatties and herring

Was at the Leith permaculture introductory session today. Lots of good stuff: a selection of permaculture books and magazines; watched three sections of Bill Mollison – Global Gardener (Urban) and saw interesting stuff about city garden in NYC and the designed houses in Village Homes, Davis, CA; shared and recieved some good vegan food; chatted with lots of people and promoted EdinburghLETS; learnt a bit about 12V electrics.

Tatties and Herring:

Bloke from Aberdeenshire with a mandolin played us Tatties and Herring. Fantastic song I’d not heard before, obviously from the Aberdeenshire region as it’s singing the praises of lads from the North over the lowlanders and English, and there are namechecks of a number of places throughout the North-East. Thread on mudcat.

More than I will ever want to know about phytosanitary conditions for potatoes.

12V electrics:

12V electrics often used in Kitchen lighting. Maybe there’s scope for putting a lot of it into the kitchen — obviously it won’t be all of the room since there’ll be an electric oven and a washing machine.
Gets me thinking … when we redo the room, what else can we incorporate to make it more efficient? I’ve still got a soft spot for a heat exchanger under the sink but I would have to do rough calculations as the to heat energy that’s available first.

Other stuff:

2 thoughts on “tatties and herring

  1. BDAP Officer at Gorgie City Farm!!?

    Slow-release watering: bury an unglazed pot in the ground, fill with water and it seeps out over a couple of days.

    vines and climbers outside a wall can protect and insulatae the structure from the sun.

    “The only product of NYC is shit” … hmmm … Mollinson doesn’t think cities are sustainable.

  2. Noo your hard-workin’ Scotsman’s gone crazy I fear,
    Each day ye maun hae your bit beef and your beer,
    But ye dinnae ken though you’re maybe nae carin’,
    Your natu-ral food it is tatties and herrin’.

    Tatties and herrin’, tatties and herrin’,
    Your natural food it is tatties and herrin’.

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