The wood works, works

Another sunny day, and I took the daughter into town in the buggy. After doing the messages, she was looking sleepy so I decided to walk down to The wood works. Two minutes after setting off, she’s asleep.

Wood works is great: North of the Water of Leith and nearer ferry road than bonnington road.

I was given a tour by the manager and one of the carpenters, and they were keen to let me know what they can provide. Wood, cut to size; boards; pallets; cable drums; planters; and they can build up items of furniture to spec like cold frames. Will also give advice on design. They admit they’re not cabinet makers, although the quality of their work is good and robust. Delivery can be arranged.

So I’ve got plenty of projects I’d like to do:

  • cold frame
  • raised beds
  • tray to fit on the daughter’s high chair
  • somewhere to sit on the allotment
  • play area on the allotment
  • somewhere to put the recycling boxes

These are going to cost! Gotta draw up the designs and see whether they’re feasible.

As an aside: Channel 4 news has ricky burdett – co-editor of the endless city – singing the praises of mayors on bogota for their far sightedness in terms of cycleways. Unfortunately the book doesn’t cover Bogota.


1 thought on “The wood works, works

  1. Dear 18 Saughton Mains

    Many thanks for the mention of The Wood Works in the blog. It looks like you have a lot of projects on the go!

    Hope to see you back in the WoodStore soon
    Best wishes

    Simon (The Wood Works)

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