manure on rhubarb…

…not a recipe but an action! Two of the three crowns are showing a little life, so I put a good pile of manure around each one.

  • Cleared up after the winds: the wheelbarrow was upturned and bits of corrugated metal had been blown around
  • Blackcurrant leaves continuing to unfurl, and the layered branch is coming along OK.
  • Redcurrant bushes aren’t, in fact, dead, but I’m not hopeful that they’ll produce anything worthwhile. If they don’t, they’re out
  • Neighbour’s Winter heathers are look resplendent. Vibrant colours against the soil.
  • Tidied up the path on the West side, created a long habitat pile and mulched around the strawberries using the dried grass.
  • Cleared the larger of the raised beds (it’s still small, at 4 foot square). Will take cardboard down and start to fill the bed with that, manure and then soil from excavation around the plot.
  • Broad beans not germinated yet. Decided not to plant the remainder of the beans because the ground was a bit wet.

Not bad for an hour and a half this morning

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