Bat boxes…

Advance notice that there’s an evening event: fixing bat boxes in Harrison Park, 7pm Tuesday 24 June.

I’m just collating images for a flyer, and saw BTCV’s The Urban Handbook indicate that boxes should be positioned as high as possible. We are going to need people with a head for heights…

Site the boxes as high as possible in sheltered areas, where they are exposed to the sun for part of the day. There should be a clear flight path to the box entrance. A large tree can house up to three boxes. Attach with aluminium nails or straps. Boxes should not be disturbed, so check for occupancy by watching at dusk for bats to emerge.

Bat boxes are likely to be particularly valuable at sites where there is an ample food supply of insects, perhaps near a pond or waterlogged ground, but few existing mature trees or buildings for roosts.

Lots of The Urban Handbook look interesting

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