Easter Craiglockhart and some other links

Lovely walk up Easter Craiglockhart Hill yesterday. It’s a local nature reserve (why a local nature reserve?) and very diverse and interesting, too. Marsh, open water, mature woodland with 250 year old beeches, and grassland are all nestled in 15 Ha of Craiglockhart Woods. Knowledgable and friendly guide led the group round.

Woodland biodiversity – expanding our horizons (PDF)

Other publications:

Growing Nature – The Role of Horticulture in Supporting Biodiversity authored by Ken Thomson of the BUGS project inter alia. Expect a post on this soon…

Survey of Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam on five major Lothian rivers. River Almond, River Esk, River North Esk, River South Esk, River Tyne. Not heartening…

Development of a forest habitat network strategy in west lothian confirms that remnant patches of ancient woodland in West Lothian still contain dispersal-limited core woodland species, and promotes planting of woodland close to ancient sites. One (of three) Core Ancient Woodland Areas is around Hopetoun. How does that mesh with the NCN (map on p29)?

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