Hidden gardens of the Royal Mile

To celebrate my first week working Wednesday through Friday, I booked myself and the daughter onto Green Yonder tour’s Hidden Gardens of the Royal Mile on Tuesday. The idea is that people don’t know where the public gardens are on the Royal Mile, and this tour shows them where they are! I thoroughly recommend it: the concept is good, the guide friendly and knowledgeable, and I came away knowing two public gardens on the Royal Mile that I’ll be going back to.

Very impressed by this herb garden, and want to rejig my herb bed at home in this style:

herb garden with fennel, rosemary etc.

herb garden with fennel, rosemary etc.

Lots of sage in the herb garden

Lots of sage in the herb garden

Another garden has been recreated in the style of a C17th garden. The first block isn’t very enticing as it’s on the North side of the buildings, but then it opens out into some fantastic formal spaces with espalier apple trees, marigolds of some kind, and wee nooks for herbs. Am also tempted to train a couple of apple trees like this:

Two espalier apple trees

Two espalier apple trees

Daughter with lavander

Daughter with lavander

Finally, a wee puff piece! The tour is similar in spirit to the bike rides I led on Doors Open Day and Parks and Gardens Open Day in 2007, although there’s a stronger theme and it’s a bona fide tour rather than random observations. Information on Doors Open Day 2008 can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Hidden gardens of the Royal Mile

  1. Jardins Publics

    In the derelict spaces left in the Old Town by wholesale demolition of the late nineteenth century, [Patrick Geddes] created a network of gardens to be cultivated by school children. This article lists the extant ones and gives pointers to where the original 75 were planned:

    RTPI page on Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture

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