Random thoughts

Planting tactics

With the godawful weather (and the predications that climate will change to wetter summers), should I be thinking about more over-wintering crops?

Terra Preta

Anthropogenically-created fertile soils in the Amazon basin

Biochar – agrichar – Terra Preta

“The IPCC has said that soil carbon sequestration is a proven means of mitigating greenhouse gases” and if it’s used in reclaiming brownfield sites, it’s also good for building local food systems. and there are lots of hits for IPCC soil carbon sequestration

1 thought on “Random thoughts

  1. Well, well … soon after my post to the Edinburgh transition group re: looking at brownfield sites, I notice there’s a Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey:

    CEC has 24 sites of derelict land; 34 of vacant land. Derelict sites need rehabilitation and may contain possible left over chemicals/substances, rubble etc. (remember those land artists)

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