2 bulbs of garlic planted, 1 to go

While the daughter was at playgroup, I popped down to the plot to plant some garlic. It’s a lovely day, warm and sunny but with ice still in a couple of shaded areas.

Softneck or hardneck? The former can be plaited together, but the latter is more hardy. I bought a purple hardneck pack from The Garlic Farm. In it there was a bulb each of Purple Heritage Moldovan, Chesnok Wight and Lautrec Wight. In the hour I had on the plot, I managed to plant the Moldovan and Chesnok and my instruction leaflet says that Lautrec can be planted anytime ’til Spring.

Moldovan: 10 large outer cloves, 4 smaller inner cloves. The skin came away from a couple of the cloves. I probably should have brought them home and used them, but I planted them anyway.

The Chesnok: 8 outer, 2 inner, and the cloves broke away really easily without shedding their skin.

I think prefer the Chesnok. The website says that Purple Moldovan is a Chef’s choice: large juicy easy-peeling cloves with a rounded flavour. But easy-peeling also means difficult to seperate without peeling. I’ll have to wait and see…

For £9 one gets a good taster pack but the postage is quite pricey, so the planted garlic is comparable in price with shop bought (assuming they all grow). I’m using this as a way to discover what grows best in my plot (for this year, in that bed etc.) and will either plant lots of the same variety next year and/or team up with someone to share the postage.

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