Cold and honest

It was cold when I got to the plot and when cold blooded invertebrates appeared as I dug over the rhubarb bed, they just sat there with no energy. No wonder the birds were friendly! After half an hour the sun had warmed things up slightly, but I decided to work elsewhere and clear more of the path at the East side of the plot. Discovered a place that would work as a den, and found some honesty which I brought back home for the vase of dried stuff.

Sticking out of my pannier, the honesty shed a few seed pods but not as many as I feared. I would have thought that once the seeds were viable, a plant would want to shed the pods as soon as possible. Maybe it’s better to release the pods over a prolonged period, so the plant gets a chance to sample various conditions of wind and weather.

In other news: this blog rates highly on a google search for “permaculture edinburgh”. Surely there are better practitioners out there…

If I were to start listing resources in and around Edinburgh, it’d go like this

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