Off the permaculture hook

Seems that google’s indexed better and I’ve been bumped to the second page of results for “permaculture edinburgh”, which allows some better stuff up front.

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, Scotland has recently had its national conference (Oct 2008). The 2007 conference report is on the website, so I expect there’ll be this year’s soon. That page has links to a map of 37 Community Gardens across Scotland, which includes Gorgie City Farm, Redhall, Bridgend, and the Thistle Community Wildlife Garden in Edinburgh.

I should get in touch with Gorgie City Farm Gardening services and get some hard and soft landscaping done in our front garden. Emma Burnett (ECBA) appears to work there as Garden Project Worker.

Bah! I can’t find an RSS feed for FEDAGA.


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