What this allotment is about…

Was talking to a friend of my partner who’s on the waiting list for an Edinburgh allotment. She might be interested in working on my plot and swapping her labour for some produce, so this post is an attempt to summarise what I’m trying to do…

  • To grow tasty food. I thought I had more recipes written up; will do more in future
  • To garden organically. I’m learning about composting and green manures, mulching, crop rotation etc. but I’m not going as far as buying only organic seeds. I buy manure from Gorgie City Farm & compost from Redhall so I don’t have 100% control over the inputs.
  • Use the plot as an experiment. The 2 years on the plot has been the first time I’ve grown food, so I know I’m learning and making mistakes. I don’t think I’ll ever stop tinkering and trying new stuff
  • That said, I’ve had most success with soft fruit. I have propagated 4 blackcurrant bushes and a few strawberry plants this year and I hope that they’ll take
  • Learn about permaculture. The plot is too small to seriously use permaculture or forest gardening techniques, but it’s a useful test bed and it’s getting me familiar with working outside. I have compiled some permaculture resources here
  • Understand climate change. Forecasts are that Summers will get hotter and Winters milder and wetter, so I want to garden productively on a small scale in spite of these changes, and learn techniques for their mitigation.
  • Teach my daughter where (some) food comes from. I also want to make it a place she enjoys playing ‘cos I want to be working on the plot when I’m not at my part-time day job

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