Today’s haul of seeds

Very excited by the seed order that arrived today from the organic gardening catalogue: peas (greenshaft), thyme, savoy cabbage (vertus), wild flowers and sunflower seeds. Must not be tempted by any more seeds this year…

peas – my daughter loves peas, so this year I’ll be trying to grow them for the first time.

savoy cabbage – I love savoy cabbage, but between ordering the seeds and receiving them I’ve been forced to admit that my family doesn’t. And now I have 190 seeds that should be sown by 2011. Which, for the stats fans, works out at 63 per year or 1.2 per week. I wonder if they’re suitable as Christmas presents…

thyme – mostly for the garden. The current plants are a few years old and quite woody, so this is to replenish the stock. I’ll be making a small herb bed and including the parsely and coriander seeds that are left over from last year.

wild flowers – who doesn’t like wild flowers? Having just heard that the Save our bees project have had unprecedented demand and are limiting their stock to one packet per person, these will come in handy. The mixture is selected by John Chambers, and I note this RHS webpage with gardening advice on wildflower meadows

sunflowers – cucumerifolius variety that should grow to 90cm. These should work well with the daughter and her friends, who are all 2 – 3 years old and about 90cm tall. I also have a few seeds from my Mum, and these are the 2.5 metre giants that’ll tower above us all. I might just have to grow those at home so they can be seen up and down the street


2 thoughts on “Today’s haul of seeds

  1. might be tempted to buy some of the savoy cabbage seeds
    just taken over plot 47,full of fruit trees which is great but needs a certain amount of slog to get the veg going :)

    • @Pat

      I’m going to the plot this weekend, probably on Sunday morning, and I’ll drop some of the seeds over as a welcoming gift!

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