Transition and permaculture

The local green group is having its AGM at our flat tomorrow, so I’ve put together a programme of youtube videos about transition towns and permaculture, lasting an hour. We’ll mix and match depending on the group that turns up; perhaps you’re interested in the clips…

Rob Hopkins kicks off with an introduction about climate change, peak oil, transition towns, and the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan.

When Hopkins came up with the energy descent plan, he was teaching a 2-year permaculture design course at Kinsale, so here’s Bill Mollison’s quick definition of permaculture. Nice pics of spiders, too.

Cuba lost its cheap oil imports when the Soviet Union collapsed, and this Special Period is an example of what could happen when oil becomes unobtainable. This is a samizdat clip from BBC’s Around the world in 80 gardens, so I’m not sure how long it’ll stay up.

More Australians in Eat the suburbs: Gardening for the end of the age of oil.

David Holmgren (another permaculture pioneer) talks about the endurance of suburbia.

In the previous two clips it’s a suburban context with large gardens. In the next clip and two links, we’re looking at a high-density urban context with communal ground that’s transformed by the community.

Leaf Street, part 2 (5:56)

Leaf Street, part 3 (5:38)

And finally, here’s talking heads from the first Scottish Transition Gathering in July 2008.

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