A farm for the future

Friday’s episode of the BBC series Natural World was titled a farm for the future — how a farmer’s daughter goes back to the farm and learns how people have reduced the oil input and maintained yield. She rounds up several interesting permaculture schemes and low-energy crop systems.

Here’s the lessons I picked up:

  • learn permaculture
  • study ecology
  • design things
  • eat less meat

There are 23 days left to watch it… please do!

2 thoughts on “A farm for the future

  1. I watch and was gripped, now, like you I want to learn more about it. It seems such a better way to go, at the moment we garden organically and are aiming to be self sufficent as possible but permaculture just seems such a better way to go about it.

  2. patrick whitefield came across very well on the programme; actually, everyone came across well.

    i did a weekend introduction to permaculture course last year, which was fantastic: met some super-knowledgable people; got a quick glimpse at how to look at the world differently; and took part in 2 bring and share lunches. However, with only an allotment and a small garden in front of my terraced flat, I’m not sure whether I have access to enough land to do permaculture. It looks like a few acres is about the size a family needs.

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