Hijacked at the age of stupid

Spitting! Fuming! The Q&A session at the end of the screening, ostensibly on transport, was hijacked by advocates of population control. It’s not the children of the 21st century that are the problem; it’s the structures of the 20th century that lock us in to unsustainable and inequitable situations.

The film itself is quite amazing: case studies from across the world are explored, and the contradictions in each situation are revealed. Well, all except the grizzled French mountain guide who’s made out to be an absolute saint. I’m not sure the film itself will convince people, but as a tool for discussion it should work.

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1 thought on “Hijacked at the age of stupid

  1. Well, the problem at its simplest is the idea that infinite growth is not only possible, but so desirable that it must be achieved at all costs. The structures of the 20th century are built around that concept and out-of-control population growth is as much a part of that as anything else. But I know what you’re saying, quite a few of the population control people are crusading zealots who often aren’t far removed from racists.

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