too much rocket

the family’s well and truly fed up of rocket pesto :) and I’ve harvested less than a quarter of it…

Luckily the rhubarb’s coming to an end. I have grand plans for transplanting it this Autumn.

In other news, a BBC story about the desert rhubarb (Rheum palaestinum) — a plant that waters itself.

4 thoughts on “too much rocket

  1. You can also make rocket spanakopita, though I don’t know what the correct name for it would be…

  2. Fear not! I don’t usually tackle pastry based stuff, but I have succeeded in making pretty good spanakopita a couple of times. Got a recipe for the spinach and feta version if that helps?

  3. Obvioulsy I need to get that desert rhubarb. I wonder if it’s actually an edible one? Santiago isn’t as dry as a desert. My rhubarb drought could be over! hallelujah!

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