off on hols…

The usual mad rush before holiday, trying to get everything sorted. Add to the mix that she who knits and the daughter have been ill in the last week, and I am looking forward to sitting on that train at 10:30 when there’s nothing else to do but travel. (And there are no expected engineering works, either :)

This holiday is to Strasbourg by train. Here’s how I explained the outward journey to the daughter:

outward journey to Strasbourg

outward journey to Strasbourg

She who knits thinks that’s a great picture, but I’m skeptical. In my day job I’ve the priviledge to have come across the Edinburgh Development Group and David Sibbert at TED.

Here’s an interesting article on Diavid Sibbert’s blog, linking to a 1971 piece from Alan Watts. I’m amazed at how pertinent it is today.


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