First russet apple of the season

Coming back from holiday, we travelled through St. Pancras International Station which has a range of upmarket shops including Sourced — a posh nosh shop. They had a good selection of apple varieties and I bought some Discovery for the train back to Edinburgh. At the till, a platter of russets sat there inviting me to take one away, so why not?

It’s not long since the last Egremont Russet of the previous season, a bit wrinkly and tough, got eaten. This new one was nice and firm but a touch under-ripe so that the nutty flavour hadn’t fully developed. Perhaps it wasn’t an Egremont but it’s quite close if not. It’s so different from the Discovery which, although partly green, tastes like a red apple.

How to find out about apples?

The Orange Pippin site has a comprehensive list of apple varieties, and good information on their taste, appearance etc. I haven’t found a similar site with cultivation information for each variety.

The weekend of 17-18 October looks like the time to be finding apples in Edinburgh. On 17-18 October 2009 the RBGE has an apple weekend, and on Saturday 17 October 2009 Bridgend allotments have their apple day.

I knew the national collection is at Brogdale, but their website is quite uniformative, and so this article in the Guardian, which outlines some of the woes of Brogdale, sheds a little light.

Other stuff

Cornell University have made great contributions to apple breeding

Fruitnet seems to have a lot of interesting articles on the fruit industry

Abundance Edinbugh OTOH hass much more information on the local scene


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