Weather and propagating blackcurrants

What weather we’re having!

Saturday was very warm and sunny. I had decided, on Thursday, to go to the Saturday class of tai chi and I was giving myself a hard time because I wasn’t out at the allotment. Nevertheless, the class was great and I inadvertantly did 90 minutes more tai chi that I had anticipated. Have recapped the fourth section of the square form.

Sunday: what can I say? Torrential rain. The daughter came back from her grandparents, and they all got soaked just getting from the car to our door.

Today: cool and sunny. A friend came over to help out on the plot, and we dug over a bed and propagated some blackcurrants. Quite simple, really, and this means we’ll have 12 blackcurrant bushes in a couple of years if they all take. Last year I propagated 4 and only 1 survived. Let’s see how it goes this year.

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