First frost

Was going to transplant some rhubarb today, but the ground’s still hard from last night’s frost. Weather report says tonight will get to -2 in Edinburgh.

Not too worried about the rhubarb as Joy Larkom reckons mid- to late Winter is the best time to transplant.

2 thoughts on “First frost

  1. is that sonya’s husband?
    do you know who attacked and destroyed our hedge?? Then the cooncil came along and cut down the lovely ash tree- perch for many birds includng long-tailed tits, a sparrowhawk, bluetits, wrens, wood pigeons,robin, crows, the odd magpie and my dear friend, charlie the young blackbird- who incidentally, was born in the afore-mentioned (now destroyed) hedge. It was definitely another plot-holder who did that- all makes me feel a bit creepy and vulnerable!

    Anyway, nice to come across you, and I will try to take the time to read your blog on the edinburgh does suck .com

    cheers kaitie & paul
    other co-plotters@saughton

    • Hi Kaitie, I’m Alex at 18 saughton mains (near to the main entrance). Pop round and say hello sometime!

      What a shame about the hedge or tree – it sounds like they were wonderful resources.

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