A well-fed food activist, hostile to new technologies

Am I a well-fed food activist who’s hostile to new technology? I ponder this as I drink wine poured from from a screw-top bottle into a blue plastic camping mug…

I’m probably not helping my cause by also pointing out that Nigel Slater’s lentil and sausage stew is a one-pot meal that’s simpler to make the the usual way I make the dish. The old recipe calls for a glass of red wine (which is why I’ve got some left over on a Monday night) and also needs the lentils cooked seperately from the sausages.

In other news, Nick Herbert’s piece against Meat Free Mondays in the Guardian includes straw men, sleights of hand and bizarre assertions. That’s the shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs talking, so hold onto your hats after next year’s election. The only glimmer of hope is that some of that portfolio is a devolved matter.

Personally, I’m all for reducing the amount of meat in my diet; but not eating meat on Mondays? What about the left-overs from a Sunday roast? I guess that’s me being a well-fed food activist who’s hostile to new technologies like prepared meals…


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