Two lamb shanks recipes

Mum & step-dad came round yesterday for a meal, so I got 6 lamb shanks out of the freezer. Only then did I find out the the large casserole can only fit 4 in! Cue: a second day eating stewed lamb.

The general idea is: cook them at a low temperature, slowly, and with a lot of liquid.

Yesterday I used a Jamie Oliver recipe. Coated the shanks in rosemary, salt and pepper, browned them. Then sweated carrots, celery, onions, garlic and anchovies; white wine and tinned tomatoes provided the liquid; and then 2 hours in the oven, taking the lid off for the last half hour. The vegetables were cut up quite small and so the sauce thickened and reduced considerably. Served with roast potatoes, parsnips and carrot/swede mash.

Today: read a couple of cookery books and experimented. Coated the shanks in rosemary, salt and pepper, browned them; sweated big chunks of carrots, onion rings and anchovies; red wine and stock as liquid; 2 hours in the oven. The sauce was more liquid today and the onions retained their shape. Served with cous cous ‘cos I forgot to put any starch on until 5 minutes before serving…

Both recipes were tasty, so I think I’ve learned this lesson. Next time, though, I’ll try without wine because we don’t always have litres of the stuff kicking around.


1 thought on “Two lamb shanks recipes

  1. Another recipe, this time modified from the Scotch Lamb advertisement. They suggest adding 600 grammes of pulses (chick peas and mixed beans) to the stew 30 miuntes before the end of cooking. I tried it tonight & it’s just too filling! Perhaps if I had been doing manual work or had small lamb shanks…

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