In Transition & notes about bees

The Community Channel has just shown In Transition 1.0 — a film about transition initiatives, climate change and resource depletion. It’s pretty good, and I’ve seen it before: in October I saw it with my Dad at the Filmhouse. By happy coincidence it’s his 65th birthday today, so I hope he’s enjoying his quiet family meal ;-)

A couple of days ago, the Community Channel showed The last beekeeper. This is a film about the plight of the industrialised honeybee and Colony Collapse Disorder in the US. It focusses on three beekeeping family businesses and is a poignant look at one season in their lives.

World of Wonder: Production company for the last beekeeper

Interview with Jeremy Simmons — director of the last beekeeper

You can’t fit everything into 70 minutes so the film glosses over the science. This can be read in A world without bees by Alison Benjamin and Brian MacCullum. It’s a US-centric view of the plight of bees.

POSTnotes 348: insect pollination gives the UK-centric view. I’m concerned to learn that “Blackcurrant and its pollinators have diverged by 28 days since the 1970s”.

Scotland’s honeybee health strategy

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