Apple trees for sale from PEDAL

PEDAL have a sale of apple trees this weekend. I’ve included the text of their email & have collated some information on the varieties for sale & their pollination groups.

We have a glut of good quality fruit trees that we are keen to find good homes for, and thought that some of you may be involved in growing projects that might take a few, or may be interested in one yourself. PEDAL (Portobello Transition Town) have around seventy apple trees, mostly maidens (first year grafts) on medium or dwarfing rootstocks, including varieties such as Discovery, Egremont Russet, Ellison’s Orange, Fiesta, Grenadier, Katy, Lord Derby, Blenheim Orange and others.

We also have some Morello cherry trees to sell, priced @ £8 ea. These will be on sale at the Portobello Organic Market on Saturday, 4th of December, Brighton Park, Portobello, between 10am and 2pm. These are top quality trees at about 1/3 of the usual garden centre prices. They will potentially provide you with free, naturally grown, fresh and very locally grown fruit, as well as making excellent Christmas presents which last and last. Tell your friends, come early to avoid disappointment and enjoy the excellent market for good, organically produced food as well!

You are welcome to call Peter Upton at PEDAL on 0131 258 4483 from Monday 6th of December to find out if we have any still to sell after the Market.

Here are links to info on each of those named varieties & their flowering/pollination groups. Please note that the humble crab apple has a long flowering time and makes loads of pollen and can be used across many flowering groups, so one per street or in nearby disused land could act as a pollination source for a neighbourhood.

Variety Flowering group
Egremont Russet 2
Discovery 3
Fiesta 3
Grenadier 3
Katy 3
Blenheim Orange 3
Ellison’s Orange 4
Lord Derby 4

As a geeky aside, I really like the design of the Orange Pippin website. It’s got a good history of your browsing, and the naming convention for URLs is sensible.

Update: just seen a tweet from @Orange_Pippin with link to instructions for what to do if it’s too cold to plant bare-root apple trees (Heeling-in). Thanks!


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