Edinburgh community food delivers!

Our household has ordered a couple of deliveries from Edinburgh Community Food, and we’re impressed.

They’re a voluntary sector food supplier that has a good model for buying food: order up to 10am the day before delivery and receive a box full of fruit, vegetables and groceries the next. The range of produce is good and much is sourced locally. They also provide produce to several food co-ops around Edinburgh, including Gorgie Farm.

She who knits and our two daughters are intolerant to dairy products so we get through a lot of eggs. We’re especially happy because their organic eggs which are both local and good value.

The younger daughter is also happy because they deliver in cardboard boxes:

Daughter in a box!

daughter's arm through a hole in the box

It’s better than the standard box scheme in because you can order what you want from a relatively large list, and you’re not fixed to the same day every week. I worry that this is only possible because they’re a mid-scale supplier, and when (if?) they grow, this part of the service may not be sustainable.



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