Publications that herald the arrival of Spring/willow

The elder daughter is staying with grandparents this weekend, so we’re having a relaxed Saturday morning. A thud of post on the doormat, and two more gardening magazines arrive. It’s gardening in the widest sense of the word, as these magazines are Permaculture Works Spring edition, and the Reforesting Scotland journal.

Permaculture works is the house journal of The Permaculture Association and always has a good mix of articles, news and case studies.

Reforesting Scotland’s journal is the Hut issue!

Earlier on in the week, the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society 2011 journal. This is a more traditional horticultural society, and almost all of the articles in this journal are about ornamental plants. There is a short review of the wonderful Impressionist Gardens exhibition at the Museum on the Mound last year, and a piece on accessible gardening, but apart from that there’s not much to my interests. Guess it means I can get out to the plot instead of ploughing through another magazine.

Next things on the plot are to plant first lot of potatoes, and I’ve got some spring garlic to plant. The most exciting task, though, is to plant some willow. At the RBGE last weekend I was given three cuttings of Light Dicks willow, suitable for basketry. They’ve been in a jar of water since Sunday and are already starting to grow roots and buds. Amazing stuff!

Here’s a picture of a cutting:
Light Dicks willow

and here’s a picture of the plant in June, courtesy of Slimbridge Wetland Plants

salix purpurea Light Dicks in June

Caroline Dear on craftscotland

Links to willow:
Light Dicks willow on Tree factory
Light Dicks willow on JPR willow
Low impact living on Willow basketry

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