Soil enrichment training, day 1

Transition Edinburgh South has arranged some sessions of Soil Enrichment Training, delivered by Sam Jess of Greenway. The first one, on Thursday, was an introduction to why hot composting can make usable compost in a fraction of the time that standard garden composting can. Sam’s got a great understanding of the composting process and gave us some context for the urgency of the task: to build soil fertility and get growing good food.

Group at Soil Enrichment Training, discussion round an outdoors table

Group at Soil Enrichment Training

3 hours introduction to composting. Is that a lot? When I told my colleagues that I had the opportunity to go to 45 hours of compost training, they thought they’d misheard 4 or 5 hours. Heh! I can confidently say that all if all 45 hours are as rich as the first 3, then I’ll have a serious body of knowledge to assimilate by the end of the course.

Notes from the course

Notes from the course

Some notes from the course: aerobic, thermophilic composting; water and oxygen can be limiting factors; turn compost every 3-4 days; build a compost food web in 9 days, and that food web will continue when the rough compost is applied to a garden. Alternatively, the rough compost can then go into vermiculture and be refined.

One of the handouts was an image of the soil food web, found on USDA soil biology primer. Here’s the image:

The soil food web

Just to add some compost resources:

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