Defrosting the freezer

The deepest layer of the freezer had rhubarb from Spring 2010 and some undated bean chilli. Higher layers contain the remnants of undated Buy two get a discount deals which turn out to be buy one, store one and throw it away later. And the top of the freezer had in-date seafood and peas. It’s far too long between defrosts!

The household already has an exercise book for recording family food decisions, so this is going to get turned into a freezer log with item, date in, best before and date taken out. Maybe I’ll even use a calendar to defrost the freezer more often. Perhaps this is the enthusiasm that comes after the dollop of guilt when throwing away kilos of freezer-burn meat and it won’t last; we’ll see.

Here’s a link to the freezer manufacturer’s manual for model number ZFC35C, product number 920407060.


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