Rhubarb or raspberries?

After the worst year yet on the allotment, I’m giving up half the plot. Feeling a bit dejected about that but today I was there and looking at the half plot, and thinking that it’s a more manageable size.

The South side is the one with the shed I fixed earlier in the year, and has the best-developed beds. I’ve been moving as many plants as I can on to this side before the North side is reallocated but there are plenty of plants still on the North side that I’ll leave: an apple tree, a redcurrant, some Autumn raspberries. And today I had to make a decision. I’ve only got one bed clear on the South side and I had to choose whether to move some Summer raspberries or some rhubarb. I can’t imagine I’ll have another chance to prepare a bed and move the other before the plot is reallocated, hence decision time.

I chose rhubarb.

In the end it wasn’t a difficult decision: rhubarb comes up earlier in the year and there’s more bulk from the plant, so it’s a sensible decision. But I feel a little sad that I won’t have raspberries for the next couple of years until I sort my new half-plot out. There’s something so good about picking a couple of warm raspberries when down the allotment… That would have been the heart decision.


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