About this blog

I’m Alex and I’m the current allotment holder of 18 Saughton Mains in Edinburgh. The allotment site’s been around for ages, and I can tell that the soil’s been worked beforehand. Winter 2011 is my fifth Winter working the plot and I’m becoming more confident in growing stuff; still learning, though.

I’ll post things about how the plot is going, between write-ups of events I’ve been to or talks. It’s all about growing things.

The plot is second from the right, fourth from the top


3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi Alex
    Thanks for your message on my blog. I’ll defo check out Richard long.
    I also want to see this show that is a comedy of a drunken children’s entertainer! (and get some tips!)
    Come up and say Hello to me at the show. I get very nervous. I’m trying to persuade my friend that helps me to dress up as a dog!
    I also love allotments, I have a small veg pacth but love the community and patchworkness of allotments. I wish I had one.
    Best Wishes

  2. Alex -can’t find your e-mail address so am leaving a message here. With regard to greening up school playgrounds the following book is good-Asphalt to Ecosystem, design ideas for schoolyard transformation by Sharon Gamson Danks. Also Gus from an Edinburgh company called ‘Earth Calling’-see his blog, is most helpful in all aspects of playground eco development. He is keen to work with both staff, children and parents
    Yours Ros

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