Gardens: advocacy and climate change

SAGS: gardening Scotland documents

SAGS: Garden advocacy (spring 2007)

Gardening in the Global Greenhouse: The Impacts of Climate Change on Gardens in the UK (2002

UK Climate Impacts Programme includes the Climate change scenarios for the United Kingdom: the UKCIP02 Scientific report.


May day

Bought some 8′ canes for climbing French beans (blue lake) and took them down the allotment today. Also bought a rake; apart from a hoe, the gardening kit’s complete.

Still no blossom on the hawthorn — the first full moon after the first of May is tomorrow at 6:09am, so it’d better get blooming :)

In other news, lifeisland has a link to the EU federation of allotment gardens. Doesn’t seem to have much on the website, although one publication Allotment gardens — areas of discovery for children may prove interesting in the future. A quick skim shows it’s conference proceedings from 2004 and it concentrates on the positive aspects of allotments for primary school children to adolescents — nothing for infants.