Blackcurrants/slow gardening

Blackcurrants are going well: 5 pounds and counting, and I was talking with a neighbour today who reckoned that the 3 bushes could provide 40 lbs if managed well. I’ve left it too late this year and there’s a lot of currants that have fallen on the ground, so here’s to next year.

Blackcurrants in July 2007

Still been able to eat blackcurrants fresh in fruit salad and with ice cream. Made a great cordial, some compote and I’ve frozen some currants whole.

Everything you want to know about powered juicers, from Ethical Juicers. and their recommendation is to use a low-speed gear juicer, or a go-juice manual juicer.

Have been removing some of the planks and other furniture bit at a time. Lifted one reclaimed uPVC window frame and stacked it by the entrance, and a couple of minutes later a frog popped out of the void at one end. Another one popped out when I examined the piece. I’m pleased I hadn’t immediately thrown the frames in the big wheelie bin, and I guess this is the same throughout the whole garden. Those frogs were happily hidden in the frame and now they’ll move back up the plot. Next time I clear a metre of allotment, they’ll head a little further back. Now if I had just strimmed the whole lot…

1 thought on “Blackcurrants/slow gardening

  1. the recipe for home made blackcurrant cordial from jammaker49 on dooyoo

    1) Put fruit in bowl and crush with wooden spoon
    2) Add about half pint water to each pound of fruit.
    3) Cook slowly, crushing occasionally with spoon.
    4) Strain through sieve.
    5) Add one pound sugar to each pint juice.
    6) Cool, and store in sterilized bottles, in the fridge.
    7) Add hot or cold water when you want to drink it.
    8) It will store safely for about 2 weeks if kept in the fridge.

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