Update from the plot

Not much time to write these posts ‘cos I’m trying to get down to the allotment as often as possible. And the Royal Edinburgh Community Garden is taking off as well…

The squared bed has not proved a success. I planted the first 4 squares just before the cold snap last month and very few seedlings have emerged. I have manged to salvage a couple of lettuces and transplant them with a dozen donated lettuces. I’ve also got about a dozen beetroot seedlings that I could transplant.

At home, the germination is going very well. I’ve got lots of beetroot seedlings which are about as well-established as the seedlings in the squared bed. They’re almost hardened off, so I expect they’ll all go in their final location together. Spinach, French Marigold, leaf Coriander are the other seedlings doing well. I’ve also got many dwarf runner beans on the go, both for me and for the Shandon Food Group.

More donations: 3 Arran Pilot potato plants which I planted out tonight. These will go well with the Charlotte’s that I’ve got in the ground and in growbags. Just noticed that 2 of the Charlottes that are interplanted between the new rhubarb are coming through well.

Arran Pilot (WCF)
Arran Pilot (europotato)
Charlotte (WCF)
Charlotte (europotato)

I think I like europotato.org already: it’s a bit geeky and has “No vegetables were harmed in the production of this website” in the website footer. hohoho.

What else? The Kale’s coming though OK, the interplanted rocket is vigorous and will get potted up for Shandon Food Group. The elder daughter also asked that we plant peas again, so that’s on the agenda for the weekend. Soft fruit doing well; and now I’ve got 10 kilos of rhubarb to deal with.

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