It’s still Winter, right?

Yet again, too much going on to actually update this blog (sorry, Dad). Not sure what’s going to happen when the actual growing season kicks off; no doubt it’ll be even busier.

  • Just Food talk last Friday. Great talk from Abby of Just Food, who was over on a study trip to Scotland. After 5 days of meetings, she still found time to share her experience of the Just Food project with some local food projects. Inspiring, had a good presentation style, talked about social justice of food, even namechecked crofting as one of the things she’d heard about on her tour.
  • Permaculture Edinburgh on Sunday – inaugural (physical) meeting to progress beyond simply a virtual mailing list. Approx 20 people there; everyone interested in forest gardening; other working groups set up.
  • Food sustainability talk from Tim Lang on Monday. He’s positive about urban GYO initiatives (which can energise the debate and build skills) but also warns that they’ll not provide all produce within a city. Pointer to Khathmandu as city with most urban agriculture.
  • New job on Tuesday, and identified a significant amount of material for a hot composting project
  • Today: been to Accessible Gardening – a Trellis course delivered by John Smith. Tips and strategies for building accessible horticultural gardens; some of the differences between awards and qualifications, and several brief diversions into the SQA qualification system for horticulture.

Next up: Shandon Local Food has a Grow Your own evening next Monday night. We’ll be looking at planning for Spring and the growing season.

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