Over-committed in 2014!

I’ve stopped leasing the allotment, so I’ve gained plenty of time where I used to work on that. And as New Year is a time for resolutions, and the more the better, I may as well over-commit to things to do and see which ones stick…

  • Italian — CEC evening course “Beginners 2” starting end January; Coursera course La visione del mondo della Relativit√† e della Meccanica Quantistica starting February 24
  • Running — signed up for the Seven Hills Challenge on 22 June; going to do some running during lunch breaks, perhaps with Jog Scotland groups at work
  • Tai chi — am wanting to get back into this. I think there’s a mid-morning course on Thursdays, or the Monday evening slot
  • Sorting the garden
  • Better cooking (see Italian section, above :-)

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