Elegant water drainage methods

Edward Tufte does it again! In Elegant water drainage methods, he states that the physics of drainage revolve around the hard fact that the erosive power of water is proportional to the fifth power of the water’s velocity. A couple of nice photos too.

SG and CEC and flood protection …

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government publish a consultation paper on the future of flood management

Also … The CEC flood pages have a link to flood prevention works. The Water of Leith(Saughton) Flood prevention scheme map shows the entrance to the allotments is in square B1 — just upstream of these works. Paragraph 1 of the flood prevention scheme says that it’s to mitigate the flooding of residential and business properties under the terms of the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961. Question is: does that Act only refer to protection of business and residential properties, or are allotments, common ground and roadways also included?

Hmmm … the May Flood Prevention newsletter says that the modified scheme approved by Scottish Ministers in May will identify “construction access routes through Saughton allotments to minimise disruption to the allotment holders”. Confirmation letter is at Balgreen library, so maybe that’ll be an adventure with the daughter (and visit Saughton Park playground).

The CEC webpage doesn’t have a link, so it might be good to ask for it to be updated.


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